London’s Opening!

Here we are: Capricci London! Our first “try-before-you-buy” deli and restaurant at Bankside, London! A new concept of “all-day dining”, offering the highest quality Italian products from artisans producers: fine food and wines, a taste of Italy in London! A new Italian restaurant and deli in town – and it’s one that’s already been doing very well in Italy. Over here, they’re setting up in the Neo Bankside building with a place that’s bringing the deli and restaurant closer together. You can either take all that away, try some of it on-site, eat a meal made with their ingredients on site or take home a ready-made meal from Michelin starred chef Davide Palluda.

Capricci is an exciting new concept combining the scintillating sights and sounds and authentic aromas of a traditional Italian marketplace with the simple elegance and invigorating indulgence of a classic kitchen menu. Already established in Italy, with a thumbs-up from the understandably hard-to-please locals, Capricci is now set to open its first London site… And what a site they have selected!

What really makes Capricci stand out is its ability to combine all of the best elements of the Italian food experience under one roof. From being served a hearty meal from a homely kitchen, to picking up the finest ingredients and taking them back to your own kitchen! “Try before you buy” has been the secret recipe behind many a successful shopping trip, and Capricci don’t see why food shopping should be any different.

You are invited to begin a journey from tasting to shopping, with samples available from some of Italy’s most renowned and celebrated producers and presented in a selection of small dishes, breakfast, lunch and aperitivo… With anything that particularly tickles your fancy available for you to pick up off the shelves in Capricci immediately!

Capricci is the easiest and most rewarding way to get a true taste of Italy without actually being there!

For more information, please write to us via email and we will be very happy to answer all your questions.

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Dal 1988 ci occupiamo di
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